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Russell Ferris
Chief Executive

Russell Ferris joined Weatherbys in 2016 from his position as Director, Ireland for the Sky Sports racing channel At The Races. He has over 16 years senior management experience including 5 ½ years as Managing Director of Limerick Racecourse. In addition to his role with Weatherbys Scientific, he is also the CE for the Weatherbys General Stud Book in Ireland and Great Britain.

Our key value is our customers
Dr. Rebecca Weld
General Manager

Rebecca is an executive leader with 20 years’ experience in the in the agri-genomic industry. She has leadership experience through direct management of the laboratory operational teams and is directly responsible for managing the overall functions of the business. As an executive director, she is also involved with strategic & tactical decisions to align with business growth strategy.

Always deliver more than expected
Romy Morrin
International Sales Director

Romy has over thirty years’ experience in laboratory applications of genotyping to the Bovine, Equine, Ovine and Canine Industries with a major emphasis on Parentage Verification and animal Identity. She is the current chair of the ISAG Cattle Molecular Markers and Parentage Testing committee, a member of the Equine Genetics and Thoroughbred Parentage Testing Standardization Committee and a member of the ICAR DNA Working Group Committee.

Curiosity has its own reason for existing
Paul Flynn
Head of Research and Development

Paul joined Weatherbys in 2002. He is a molecular geneticist with over 15 years’ experience within the Agrigenomics sector, specialising in the application of latest genomic Technologies and Bioinformatic Solutions. He holds an MSc and is currently undertaking a research PhD in Bovine Conservation Genetics.

Curiosity has its own reason for existing
Bill Burgess
ANZ National Business Development Manager

Bill Joined the Weatherbys Scientific team in August 2019 as our Australian and New Zealand Business Development Manager. Bill has extensive corporate and practical experience in the Australian agricultural industry and is responsible in leading our commercial activities in Australia and New Zealand to align with our growth strategy for this region.